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Our new internet banking system requires a second layer of security where your identity is verified by use of a device the customer has in his/her possession. Our system not only validates the username and password, we also verify your identity by using a unique system that communicates with your computer or phone. Our system gives you the most secure online banking experience available today using a validation process that takes only a matter of seconds. But seconds count – when it comes to your security!

On January 28, 2014, we are installing a new security certificate on our internet banking site. What does this mean to you? You will be able to access our log in page through our website. If our log in page is set as a favorite, you will need to re-save the link as You will also be required to re-register your computer. Once you have received a secure access code and registered your computer, you shouldn’t need to provide a code again for that computer using that browser. (Note: each time you use a public computer, you must provide a code as a security measure).

On rare occasions, users cannot log in without registering their computer each time – even after they have registered it previously. This may mean that their computer is not saving our cookies, so our website cannot recognize the computer. If you are experiencing this, try changing the settings on your computer by following the optimal browser settings instructions below for your browser. Note: these instructions will be updated on January 28th to reflect the new web address that will need to be saved.

Once you log in to your internet banking, you can update your preferences on how you would like to receive your secure access code. Set these preferences by selecting Preferences > Security > Secure Delivery Tab.

Security Settings

Optimal Browser Settings for Online Banking

Download Settings Optimal Browser Settings Safari MAC and Windows

Download Settings Optimal Browser Settings Firefox

Download Settings Optimal Browser Settings Safari 6

Download Settings Optimal Browser Settings Chrome

Download Settings Optimal Browser Settings Internet Explorer 10

Download Settings Optimal Browser Settings Internet Explorer 7 – 8 – 9

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