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Multi Factor Authentication

At Ireland Bank, we know that you, our customers, are our best asset.  You are the reason we are bankers and we want to protect you in every way possible.  Now more than ever, we all have to work together to ensure that our entire community remains safe and secure from fraud and theft.  At Ireland Bank, we work very hard to keep your personal information safe and secure.  We want you to feel confident when you bank in our branches or use Ireland Bank’s online channels.  We have put many security systems in place to protect your personal and account information.  To achieve our goal, we implemented a multi-factor authentication (MFA) system. This system will greatly enhance your security when banking online or via a mobile device.

Our new system requires a second layer of security where your identity is verified by use of a device the customer has in his/her possession. Our system not only validates the username and password, we also verify your identity by using a unique system that communicates with your computer or phone. Our system gives you the most secure online banking experience available today using a validation process that takes only a matter of seconds. But seconds count – when it comes to your security!

Using Ireland Bank’s MFA system is simple. In just a few easy steps your online banking access will be set-up and you will be able to quickly – and securely – access all of your banking information and manage your Bill Pay.

Setup Online Banking Access

Step One:

Once MFA is active, log on to

Ireland Bank Online banking as usual using your login ID and password.

olb login page

Step Two:

Once you are logged into Online Banking, the system will ask you to choose a way that Ireland Bank can send you your access code. These selections can either be a phone number or SMS Text cell phone number. If you choose phone number it needs to be a direct dial number, as your access code will be delivered in a voice message.


Step Three:

You will receive your access code in about 30 seconds. Once you have received your access code simply enter it into the field.


Step Four:

Select whether you want to make your online banking session a One-time Access (best if you are travelling or working on a computer that is not your own), or whether you want to activate the computer you are working on to be able to access online banking regularly. If you select “Activate this Computer for Later Use” you will not need to enter a pass code as long as you have “Cookies Enabled” selected in your internet setup and don’t delete your cookies. Once you have chosen, you will be entered into your normal online banking screen.

  • Unique Login ID & Password – we give you a unique user name and instructions to set up your own password. Only you will know the password you select from the privacy of your home or office. We also give you the ability to change your password at any time.
  • Validation of Your Identity – we will validate your user identity by sending a secure access code to your phone or email and ask you to enter that code before proceeding. You can choose to store this code on your computer for future logins or choose to login for a single use only code (such as when you are using a public computer, Internet café, etc.)
  • Peace of Mind – our system gives you the added peace of mind to know that should someone try to login using your login ID and password, we will immediately alert you by phone or email and you will be able to immediately lock them out. Unless they actually had physical possession of your phone – they would be stopped in their tracks!
  • Secure Login From Anywhere – you can securely login from anywhere in the world by using our one time use access. The code you enter is only valid for one use and any information stored on that computer is useless to any potential hacker once you exit.
  • Security & Flexibility – our online system is secure, yet flexible in today’s hectic world. On that rare occasion you forget your password, you can still login by using our “Forgot my Password” process and we will immediately send a secure access code to your phone or email and ask you to enter that code. This allows us to verify your identity, yet gives you the immediate access to your information – even in the middle of the night! Once logged in, you can setup a new password.

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